Tandent’s LightRay technology is transforming the way artists manipulate and use real-world imagery to create game content and special effects for film. LightRay reverse engineers an image into the components that formed it: reflectance and illumination. Reflectance, or albedo, is the inherent color of the material, while the illumination is the light energy falling upon the surface. By separating an image into its two intrinsic components, LightRay gives artists and photographers unprecedented capabilities to manipulate the image as though they were manipulating the original scene.


Surface Editing with Lightbrush


Lightbrush is designed to give artists full control over the separation process. With Lightbrush, texture artists, content creators, and photographers can independently edit and manipulate the surface colors and the lighting of real-world imagery. This technology from the frontiers of computer vision enables modes of image editing previously possible only with rendered 3D graphics.