LightRay Computer Graphics

Enhance computer vision with Tandent’s LIGHTRAY technology

LightRay Face Recognition

Enable face recognition to work anywhere in the real-world

LightRay Automotive

Enable real-time road vision for assisted driving and robotic navigation

LightRay Video Compression

Pre-filter to standard codecs with size reductions of up to 25% or more

LightRay Scene Analytics

Enable real-time scene analysis during production and post-production

LightRay Satellite Imaging

Enable automated analysis of aerial and satellite imaging free of illumination artifacts

LightRay Character Recognition

Enable OCR in uncontrolled lighting for the real-world

Computer Vision for the Real World

Tandent® is partnering with companies around the globe to move computer vision from the laboratory to the real-world. Our technology improves robotic navigation, face recognition in natural illumination, content creation for games and special effects, lighting for film and television production, aerial imaging and mapping, optical character recognition, and many other computer vision applications.


LightRay Preprocessor

Tandent’s® LightRay™ Illumination Preprocessor solves the fundamental problem of recognizing the stability of surfaces and materials when illumination cannot be controlled.

Operating between image capture and your computer vision system, LightRay™ separates single images or video streams into separate surface reflectance and illumination components.

Replacing normal input images with LightRay computed images dramatically improves the real-world performance of most computer vision systems and enables novel image processing and manipulation capabilities. Find out how LightRay can work for you.